Solar Mega LED Rechargeable Torch

Mega Solar LED Rechargeable Torch

SolarMaxx Mega Solar LED Rechargeable torch is a one of its kind torch that offers the facility to charge your mobile phone battery. This unique torch is powered with a Li-ion battery that can be charged using a solar panel or electricity. Ideal as a emergency light, camping and security light, night or study lamp and search light. Offers a unique facility to charge your mobile phone anywhere with its micro USB port.


  1. Long life Li-ion rechargeable battery
  2. Micro USB port for mobile charging
  3. Power LED with over 50,000 hours life
  4. Strong ABS body
  5. Normal and High operation modes
  6. Dual charging thru AC current or Solar power
  7. Long range focussed beam


  1. Battery: 4400 mah rechargeable Li-ion battery
  2. 3W White Power LED bulb
  3. Charging Time: 6 hours when fully discharged
  4. Operating Time: 14 hours on normal mode and 8 hours on high mode
  5. Changing Voltage: 230V AC 50 Hz or 6V DC
  6. Compatible with a 6V Solar PV Panel

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