Going Off the Grid in your apartment or office building!

Going Off the Grid in your apartment or office building!

Going Off the Grid with a balcony space

The typical Solar Power installation requires access to a private roof and a big budget. However at our new head office in Jaipur we decided to install solar panels in our balconies, connected to an inverter and storage batteries. It makes us feel proud to say that our office in a commercial building is also Solar Powered and we practice what we make.

A commonly thought obstacle for solar power is that not everybody lives in a single-family dwelling with access to a private roof and not all offices have access to that either. Those who reside in apartment buildings have little chance of harvesting solar power with a conventional roof-mounted system. Furthermore, in apartments and commercial buildings, the roof would quickly become too crowded to cover the electricity use of all users, a problem that grows larger the more floors there are in a building. For all such users the good news is that we provide solutions to make their dreams of a greener future possible, now you can go off the grid being in an apartment or a office complex.

The direct current generated by solar panels is converted into alternating current with an inverter. Now you have the option to either supply the generated electricity to the grid or use it for your own consumption by installing storage batteries.

So it is no more a hurdle if you don’t have that terrace or ground space, our Solar PV Panels can be installed in your balcony, window silts and railings too provided you get ample sunlight at the location which our SolarMaxx experts can review for you after a site visit.

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  1. I am interested to install in my balcony and get benefits of it . Need more details so that make an attempt in my apartment .

  2. Hello,

    I have an apartment in Bangalore and have a balcony which gets lot sunlight for 4-6 hours. I would like to add solar panels to my apartment. Please let me know the estimated cost and best way to use for a maximum output.

    1. Hello Ms. Kour,
      Thank you for your interest. It is a great idea to go solar in your apartment home in Bangalore. To share the cost estimates we require some details from your end such as your current electricity consumption, the railing space available in your balcony. Please share your contact no on info@solarmaxx.co.in and we shall be with you shortly.
      Team SolarMaxx

  3. Really a nice idea surely want to go for it. Can you provide me with more details

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