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Solar Lighting

Increasingly, the world over, people are making a transition from conventional energy sources to Solar Power because they find it more efficient, more economical and environment-friendly. In India, solar rays are an abundant energy source. Many premises are exposed annually to more than 50 times of energy from the Sun than they use in the form of electricity or gas. About 12 billion electric lights on the planet use the most common electric bulbs. So, lighting up the world consumes about 2 trillion kilowatt-hours annually, or one-eighth of all electric power. This takes a lot of fuel: the equivalent of nearly a billion tons of coal annually. Conventional energy sources have resulted in issues such as global warming. Considering it to be an alarm, it’s time we shift to renewable sources of energy for our personal as well as business needs.Our lights feature the revolutionary LED based lights that are extremely bright, long-life and can withstand almost all weather conditions. LED delivers a lot morelux per watt than a light bulb or a CFL when properly applied such as in Solar-Maxx Solar Lights. LED’s are environment-friendly, thereby contributing to a greener future. No hassle of changing the light bulbs for years. We offer solar street lights, solar lamps, Solar Home lights and solar compatible torches that are suitable for multiple uses such as gardens, factory premises, townships, roads, street lighting, pathways, area lighting, fence/boundary lighting, indoor lighting, etc.
Solarmaxx Solar Lighting System is ideal for places where you do not have continuous power supply or there is no power connection, voltage fluctuations are very frequent, the area is un-even, it is a rocky, mountainous region that prevents proper wiring installations, areas within national sanctuary/forest premises or in a similar green belt with restrictions on use of high voltage electricity. An initial investment that gets self financed over the period, these solar lights have a reasonable pay back period.Why think further, take the initiative to go green now!