Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar powered irrigation systems

Solar energy is one of the simplest ways for farmers to produce energy along with their crops because of the ample sunlight and space they get without any hindrance of large buildings or shadows. Therefore, the use of solar energy in agriculture is getting popular and the energy produced can be used on the farm itself and any excess can be sold to the local power grid, providing the farmer with an additional income.

One of the key areas in agriculture that benefits the most from solar energy is irrigation, especially in arid regions. When the sun shines, it feeds the irrigation system (water pumps), and we all know that crops needs more water when the sun shines than at night. Therefore, a large quantity of energy is available when it is actually needed.

A farms cannot sustain without a proper irrigation system; in most of rural areas there is irregular or no supply of electricity and hence traditional means include use of animal power driven oxen & wheel system or costly rentals of diesel pump set.
A solar powered water pumping system reduces the farmers dependency on electricity and lowers their operation costs too. Solar irrigation systems are very reliable and cost-effective, require negligible maintenance. They can easily be sized and installed to fit ones desired need. While smaller systems generally don’t require batteries, larger pumping systems may include them, along with inverter and tracking mounts to follow the sun.

Recent technological advances in Solar and installation price drops have seen the global use of solar energy grow significantly. Solar power has grown big in the field of agriculture, with farmers investing in cost-saving and sustainable technology that is friendly to the environment. Popularly being used to generate electricity and heat water, farmers can also use the power generated to support their drip irrigation system, power the bore-well, horticulture etc.

Farms with livestock require fencing and solar powered fencing is highly cost effective and convenient given the ease of installation.

Solar pumps are a huge help to the agriculture sector not only from the cost perspective but also in terms of availability of continuous power for a long time. It has essentially enhanced cultivation and thus amplified revenue. There are numerous cases where the farmer exclusively relies upon rains, and once this stock of water has drained, their yield period is over for the year.

At SolarMaxx we have powered several water pumping systems with SolarMaxx Solar PV Panels in various parts of the country. Our Solar panels are made up of high-quality materials to withstand severe weather conditions.

Here are some images of SolarMaxx Solar PV Panels installed at various farms to generate electricity and for water pumping systems, sprinklers.

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