SolarMaxx empaneled for Grid Tie Subsidy Scheme

SolarMaxx empaneled for Grid Tie Subsidy Scheme

SolarMaxx empaneled for Grid Tie Subsidy Scheme

SolarMaxx – Rajasthan’s only manufacturer empanelled to undertake projects under subsidy scheme of the Govt. of Rajasthan!

SolarMaxx is proud to announce that we are largest established supplier/manufacturer from Rajasthan to be empanelled under Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited’s (RRECL) subsidy scheme to undertake grid-tie projects as big as 500KW. Subsidy scheme can be availed by Residential, Institutional and Non-Profit Sectors such as trusts, societies, etc across Rajasthan.

We are looking for dealers, distributors, EPC service providers, etc to collaborate with us to avail the benefits of subsidies for their clients. SolarMaxx is actively looking for new channel partners across India. Our network of channel partners is and, has always been the core of our business. With some of our exclusive tie ups for supply of solar panels to RRECL or IOCL, etc, our associates have a great advantage of getting direct business. You can trust our product quality and warranty to serve your customers.

The main idea behind these subsidy schemes is to focus on setting up an environment for solar technology penetration at all levels and to demonstrate to public at large the benefits of Solar Energy. There is a large potential available for generating solar power using unutilized space on rooftops and open areas around buildings. Small quantities of power generated by each individual household, industrial building, commercial building or any other type of building can be used to partly fulfill the requirement of the users and surplus, if any, can be fed into the grid.

As a RRECL channel partner we would help individuals, institutions and our partners to access the provisions/benefits available under the programme. Our role is to enable significant reduction in the administrative and transactional costs and help in timely implementation of the projects.

If you are interested in availing the RRECL subsidy scheme then please write to us.

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