Bringing Light to Rural Homes

Bavariya Basti gets light after 69 years of Independence

Sikar, August 2016. Bavariya Colony in Dharampura Village of Sikar Disctrict, Rajasthan was deprived of electricity through the grid for the last 69 years. A grid line was passing by but somehow the villager’s applications to get a working electricity connection were always getting rejected.

Round Table India a social work organization run by corporates took the initiative to light up the households in this village by donating them solar home lighting systems.
The SolarMaxx Solar Home Power Kits donated to the households in this village of Rajasthan comprise of a Solar Panel, a battery, LED Light, a DC Fan and mobile charging facility. SolarMaxx is proud to be associated with such social causes and takes every step in bringing power to you.

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