The Management

Saurabh Bhandari,

ILLUSIONS4REAL is the brain child of Saurabh, a venture he started on returning from Switzerland. The goals of SolarMaxx revolve around Saurabh’s vision of a sustainable world. His goals include reducing global warming through sustainable energy production by use of renewable sources of energy.
A commerce graduate from Rajasthan University, he holds a management certificate from ISB. Saurabh worked in Europe for a few years before starting up SolarMaxx at his hometown Jaipur. His last job was with the Swiss Bank, UBS, as Project officer. Prior to this he was serving as Manager – Marketing & Sales for a British company in Manchester, England.

After acquiring experience in various international settings, Saurabh decided to set up a business in his hometown that serves the purpose of a business as well as a social initiative is supported by the cause for which the business today stands. A small idea from a milk vendor led to the founding of his current solar venture, SolarMaxx. SolarMaxx indulged in distribution of Solar Lamps for the rural India before diversifying into manufacturing of Solar PV Panels, Solar Water Heating and related Solar Energy equipment. SolarMaxx is today amongst the leading players in its field with the largest market share in its regional market.

During his undergraduate years, Saurabh was actively involved with AIESEC at their international level operations. AIESEC is the worlds largest youth run organization that aims at providing young people access to leadership opportunities and exposes them to an international learning environment around socially relevant issues with the aim of providing for positive leadership for the future.

Saurabh has worked in India, Switzerland, England and Hungary for over 5 years before starting up in 2008. A business administration graduate, Saurabh is committed, time bound and foresighted. He is a keen golfer, enthusiastic road tripper and trekker. He is also a member of Round Table India and currently serves as Chairman of their chapter in Jaipur. Round Table India works towards educating the under privileged. A social entrepreneur, Saurabh believes is working towards preserving the environment and is actively involved in programs to make the masses aware of the benefits of sustainable living.

In February 2018, Saurabh will be participating as a speaker at the India Conference at Harvard Business School in a panel discussion on ‘Adapting to the changing energy landscape’.