Solar Water Pump

Solar Powered Water Pumping System

A solar powered water pumping system uses the photo voltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity in order to run a motor and pump water out of a bore well, lake etc for irrigation, livestock, drinking and other uses. These systems are ideal for irrigation purposes helping farmers lower their operating costs and their environmental footprint. A solar water pump can be installed with different size motors, most common being 3 HP, 5 HP , 7.5 HP, 10 HP, 15 HP and 20 HP.


Usually the need for water is greatest during the hot sunny days. During these peak times the PV panels also produce most power and most water will be pumped into the storage tank. Some of the key benefits of powering a water pumping system with solar energy are listed below:

  1. Simple and reliable
  2. Easy installation and Unattended operation
  3. One time investment and negligible maintenance
  4. No diesel, other fuel spills or costs
  5. Mobility option with few parts
  6. No dependence on erratic grid power
  7. Better crop yield due to day time water availability
  8. helps in multiple crop cultivation with round the year water pumping
  9. Can be connected to a drip and sprinkler irrigation system
  10. Environment friendly choice

Power Storage

To save costs, a solar powered water pump can run directly from the solar panels. It does not require batteries for power storage instead a water storage tank can be used to store water for anytime supply.


The sizing of the Solar Water Pump needs to be done according to location and usage of the system. Different types of water pumps are used for different applications depending on the water level, they can all be powered by solar energy:

  1. Submersible water pumps – to lift water from great depths.
  2. Surface water pumps – to pump surface water at about 10-20 feet depth.

Based on your requirement of water per day our executives at SolarMaxx will help you source the right water pumping system from trusted manufacturers and then see the total power required that needs to be produced by the solar panels. To increase the pumping volume and time, solar panel system can be installed on trackers. With the use of solar trackers the output can increase by up to 30%.

Why power your water pumping system with SolarMaxx Solar Panels?

  1. A trusted brand with a decade of experience.
  2. Rajasthan’s leading solar panel manufacturer
  3. 25 years solar module warranty
  4. System comes with protection features such as dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage, lightening arrestor
  5. Corrosion resistant galvanized iron mounting structures for longer life
  6. Assistance provided in all paper work and selection of best system for maximizing your benefit
  7. Certified by MNRE, Govt. of India