Solar Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Commercial and Industrial Solar Water Heating

SolarMaxx evacuated tube collectors alternatively known as ETC, are an incredible, high-performance and low-cost but high-quality alternative to other solar collectors for larger water heating purposes. These systems can be integrated with non-pressurized as well as pressurized plumbing options. These solar water heaters are designed to heat water even in cold climates. These Solar Water Heating solutions are highly suitable for hotels, hospitals, hostels, commercial and industrial use. Our industrial solar water heating systems are suitable for solar process heating or industrial preheating purposes. The SolarMaxx Solar hot water systems are capable or working as solar steam generators and work well as hybrid solar water heaters also where pre-heated water can be supplied to the existing boilers.

Technical Information

  1. 1800mm 58mm borosilicate vacuum tubes
  2. SS inner manifold
  3. SS/MS inner tank as required
  4. Galvanized Steel or powder coated stand and structure
  5. Inbuilt electric power back-up, if required
  6. Aluminium Reflectors
  7. Available in various capacity models
  8. Color plate steel or Aluminium cladded outer tank
  9. PUF or Glass wool insulation as required

Working Principle

Collectors are parallelly connected to heat and supply desired capacity.
The inner tube of the vacuum tube is coated with aluminium nit ride that absorbs the solar rays converting them into thermal energy eventually heating the water inside the tube.

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