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SolarMaxx offers a wide range of Solar Energy Solutions with
a unique opportunity that will change your life, provided you are ready for change!
In the history of the world, there has never been a better time
to be successfully shaping environmental sustainability than right here, right now…

Becoming a SolarMaxx Business Partner is fast and easy. At SolarMaxx, we believe that success depends on a qualified and knowledgeable distribution network to promote, service, and support its products. To that end, SolarMaxx has created the SolarMaxx Channel Partner Program. The Channel Partner Program provides access to complete and dynamic services designed to ensure successful partnerships.As a SolarMaxx Partner, you share not only our vision of clean sustainable solutions as the opportunity of the future but also our commitment to become the market leader. We, in turn, provide you with an unmatched and comprehensive portfolio of Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Water Heating, Solar Outdoor Lighting and Solar Power Solutions that will provide your customers with real, bottom-line benefits.

Marketing Support
At SolarMaxx the Marketing Department provides a full complement of high quality sales materials including brochures, print advertising, public relations, etc.

Sales Support
Through regular sales training and meetings, you and your staff will receive skills and knowledge you need to help you become a successful leader in this industry. Effective sales training programs help to assure that sales representatives effectively deliver the message of quality and value.

Technical Support
SolarMaxx offers training for service technicians, service training materials and regular technical assistance to help assure The Highest Standards for your Channel Partnership.

We believe that after having a quality product, SERVICE is what keeps SolarMaxx in business. To begin a SolarMaxx Partnership Program, you must be committed to maintaining The Highest Standards by periodically servicing supplied solutions.

Highly Trained Field Personnel
Our senior staff visit SolarMaxx Partners periodically to maintain and promote The Highest Standards.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a SolarMaxx Channel Partner. At SolarMaxx, we have designed
a comprehensive package to ensure mutual success for our Channel Partners.

SolarMaxx guarantees the highest level of training, service and support

  1. A ground breaking product line
  2. Comprehensive know-how transfer
  3. Top class product and market support

How to Start

  1. Plan your future distribution before answering our questions.
  2. Submit your application.
  3. Our business development representative will get in touch to answer your questions.

The SolarMaxx Channel Partnership Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SolarMaxx channel partner. Regardless of which program you choose, SolarMaxx guarantees the highest level of training, service and support.
SolarMaxx is actively seeking new channel partners around India. Our network of channel partners is and, has always been the core business of SolarMaxx. Each channel partner has an exclusive designated territory in which, he operates and is responsible for, and active in, building his own independent business, while exclusively purchasing the products offered by SolarMaxx.
We encourage and support interested entrepreneurs, wholesalers or companies in becoming channel partners of our products. Marketing our products through channel partnerships enables us to reach more customers and provide a fair income for our partners. We believe that our channel partners should receive all sales revenue they earn as the result of their efforts. Our channel partnership program is more than just providing wholesale pricing and basic product information. Our channel partnership program includes:

  1. Complete supporting literature, information and detailed instructions on how to install and use our products. We want to make sure that you and your customers have the most complete information about our products, what they do and how to use them.
  2. Excellent Customer Support. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or problems you or your customers may have on our products and how to use them. We believe that customer service is our most important job! We are NOT about just selling products!
  3. We provide the best and most cost effective channel partner pricing possible. While we do have a suggested list price, the final selling price is always determined by the channel partner.
  4. Our goal is to provide environmentally and consumer safe and effective products to our customers at a reasonable cost. We also provide the best possible customer service and support to our customers. We are seeking channel partners that are committed to this goal.

We want to make our channel partnership program work for you. To know more, please contact us today!

Exclusive SolarMaxx Master Distributorship

  1. Exclusive state-level Agreement
  2. Professional Training
  3. Online promotion through our website
  4. Marketing Support for Future Growth

SolarMaxx Channel Partnership

  1. District Level Agreement
  2. Professional Training
  3. Online promotion through our website
  4. Marketing Support for Future Growth

To become a SolarMaxx channel partner, please contact us.