Solar Residential Solutions

Residential Solar Water Heating

These evacuated tube solar water heaters are popular for their simple, economical, and effective production of water. They work through natural Thermo syphon or forced flow as the need be, with heat from the evacuated tubes rising into the water tank. SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating ensures that water is effectively heated even in cold climates. These systems can be designed either to allow natural water inflow through a regular overhead cold water tank or through hydro-pneumatic systems and pressure booster pumps. These compact residential water heating systems by SolarMaxx are ideal for domestic as well as commercial requirements. Our domestic solar water heaters are ideal for residential solar water heating in homes, apartments, farm houses, guest houses, small hotels and hostels.

Technical Information

  1. 1800MM 58MM borosilicate vacuum tubes
  2. SS/MS inner tank as required
  3. Galvanized Steel or powder coated stand and structure
  4. In-built electric power back-up, if required
  5. Aluminium Reflectors
  6. Available in various capacity models
  7. Color plate steel or Aluminium cladded outer tank
  8. PUF or Glass wool insulation as required

Working Principle

All models consist of 3 main parts – vacuum tubes, heat preservation tank (water tank) and the support frame. Vacuum tubes are made of twin borosilicate glass using advanced international technology. The outer part of the inner tube is coated with Aluminium Nitride that can endure a temperature of up to 350°C. The vacuum tubes absorb the sunlight and convert solar energy into power. Continuous circulation of water through the vacuum tubes increases the temperature of the water continuously. Heat preservation tank ensures water is kept hot for a longer duration. To ensure smooth water supply even during cloudy days our water heaters come with an inbuilt power back up.

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