Utility Scale Solar Power Plant

Utility Scale Solar Power Plants

To successfully deliver a solar power plant project can be extraordinarily complicated. Throughout this process, a number of decisions are made that finally affect a project’s ability to realize its financial goals.

  • To ensure that the site use is optimized.
  • To make sure the construction costs be minimized.
  • To ensure that energy production goals will be met duly.
  • The Solar Power plant technology is a key success factor, and high-quality, easy-to-install technology may ensure the highest ROI on a utility scale project. Several studies show that faulty or poor quality components are a leading cause of failures. And over 50% of plant defects can be attributed to faulty installation.

    With services spanning the entire project life cycle, SolarMaxx does more than just engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)—we get projects permission to operate too.
    Our utility photovoltaic (PV) development team works with solar parks, landowners, independent power producers (IPPs), and utilities to deploy solar PV projects for the lowest cost with the least amount of risk.

    Whether you’re a plant owner, developer, or EPC interested in procuring power plant technology, or you’re looking for an experienced solar power plant developer, SolarMaxx can help you achieve your financial and energy goals. Contact us about procuring SolarMaxx technology directly through SolarMaxx Solar Energy Solutions or engaging in one of our turnkey solar power plant development services:

  • SolarMaxx Solar Energy Solutions: Source the technology and PV Panels while managing your own site development, design or construction.
  • Turnkey Power Plant Development: Leverage all the benefits and the strength of SolarMaxx in power plant design, development, EPC and O&M. Our team of PV developers, engineers, and operation specialists have experience in all facets of multi-megawatt solar PV development from site control and entitlements all the way through to interconnection and long-term operations and maintenance (O&M) service.
  • To discuss how we can apply our development skills, EPC and O&M abilities to your project, please contact us.
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