Who Are We

A team of alternate energy specialists

We are in the business of “Creating a Sustainable World”. One of the ways we currently do so is by offering customised yet simple and affordable turnkey Solar Power solutions. An erstwhile manufacturer of globally certified Solar PV Panels, we are now a fully committed turnkey solar solutions provider with in-house design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance capabilities. We operate across India and have recently entered into Africa with our maiden project in Ghana.

OVERVIEW: SolarMaxx – Solar Energy Solutions

A pioneer in the solar industry, SolarMaxx continues to serve as a visionary for the modern solar industry. Creating and delivering clean, cost-effective solar power is our top priority—not a side project to other business interests.
SolarMaxx sources a broad range of solar products from the best global brands, including Solar PV Modules, Solar Water Heating, Solar Lighting, and Turnkey Solar Power Solutions. SolarMaxx Solar Packaged solutions are a cost-effective investment, wherever you install them!
At SolarMaxx, we aim to build a green future for our global community by utilizing the energy of the Sun. With a growing network of partners across India, we are committed to offering quality solutions at reasonable prices in a stipulated time frame.

We keep in mind our consumers are Green Citizens and their initiative to opt for energy-saving should not be neglected.
Solar is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else. SolarMaxx offers a broad range of solar products, including Solar PV Modules, Solar Water Heating, Solar Lighting, and Solar Power Solutions.

With over a decade of experience in solar since our establishment in 2008, SolarMaxx now specializes in end-to-end solar power solutions from sourcing, engineering, procurement, commissioning to monitoring and maintenance of the solar power plants with its turnkey services.
SolarMaxx Solar Packaged solutions are a cost-effective investment, wherever you install them!

SolarMaxx Solar Packaged solutions are ideal for industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential requirements. Our sales, marketing, customer service, and engineering teams are dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers. Together, we innovate and champion solar to homes and business owners nationwide. We provide our customers the highest degree of quality standards through cutting-edge technology, the best quality material, and top-class workmanship. This helps us in making abundant solar energy affordable to use through simple solar energy solutions.


We strongly believe in and recommend the use of non-conventional sources of energy and encourage even a small step that goes into energy saving. In today’s high-energy-consuming times, we offer world-class energy-saving solutions, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

At SolarMaxx, we believe:
We believe in sourcing from the best markets globally.
We believe in leading a sustainable future.
We believe that solar will make a better world.

SolarMaxx believes in sourcing from the markets we serve. We do not import finished goods just to be dumped in our local market. Every day, we work to source the best globally, create local jobs, support the communities we serve, make the Earth a better place, and provide relief from rising energy costs.
– An innovator and leader, SolarMaxx is responsible for many of the solar industry’s most important firsts, as shown below:
– First in Rajasthan to receive the prestigious MNRE approval.
– First to introduce ETC based Solar Water Heating in Rajasthan.
– First to source Solar PV Modules & Solar Water Heating from global leaders.
– Pioneers in taking Solar to residential users in a commercially viable way.
– Pioneers in promoting, advertising, and raising awareness to adopt Solar!


Increasingly, the world over, people are making a transition from conventional energy sources to Solar Power because they find it more efficient, more economical and environment-friendly. In India, solar rays are an abundant energy source. Many premises are exposed annually to more than 50 times of energy from the Sun than they use in form of electricity or gas. About 12 billion electric lights on the planet use the most common electric bulbs. So, lighting up the world consumes about 2 trillion kilowatt-hours annually, or one-eighth of all electric power. this takes a lot of fuel: the equivalent of nearly a billion tons of coal annually. conventional energy sources such as these have resulted in issues such as global warming. Considering it to be an alarm, it’s time we shift to renewable sources of energy for our personal as well as business needs.

Every project is unique and we start afresh. Our goal is to design each project for the specific property and to fulfill the owner’s needs. It’s a team-based approach too, so we have all our great minds coming together to make each system the best that we can offer you. Drop in a message now to avail our services.