Industrial Solar Rooftop

Industrial Shed Mounted Solar Rooftop

Make a smart choice with SolarMaxx Solar Rooftop Solutions for your shed.

At SolarMaxx we offer advanced technology and assured quality of Solar modules. With a quick pay-back and guaranteed returns, solar is a great choice for your business. Rest assured our experience in solar will make your investment smooth and effective with professional turnkey solutions as an EPC. Empty shed tops at factories, yards, warehouses and even your backyard are an idea space to install a rooftop solar power system.

Why Solar Rooftop?

Rooftop solar technology has experienced a huge drop in price over the recent years and advanced development in the technology with increased system efficiency has made it an extremely lucrative investment option for business/factory shed owners.

  1. Reduction in monthly overheads
  2. Accelerated depreciation benefits helps save taxes
  3. Dependable, high return capital investment
  4. Reduced carbon emissions
  5. Quick pay back
  6. Supports a green business approach
  7. Benefits of Net Metering Policy
  8. Long term free source of energy
  9. Utilitze the empty rooftop and turn it into a power house

Why SolarMaxx?

  1. High efficiency advanced solar modules
  2. Smooth installation and easy maintenance
  3. Reliable after sales services
  4. Dedicated OnM team
  5. Power generation guaranteed*
  6. 25 years of power warranty
  7. German TUV certification

Ask yourself these questions or let our experts assist you.

  1. Can my business qualify for tax benefits and depreciation?
  2. What is my cost / kWh?
  3. What are my rooftop conditions?
  4. What is my state’s net metering policy on buying back electricity?
  5. What kind of payback will justify my capital expense?
  6. What is my present energy consumption pattern?
  7. Confused? Our team of Solar experts will be happy to assist you, simply click here.