First Salt Refinery in India to use Solar

First Salt Refinery in India to use Solar

SolarMaxx has set up a fully integrated grid-tied solar power plant for Saboo Sodium Chloro Limited at its factory located at Nawa city, Nagaur (Raj.), under captive power reverse net metering scheme of Government of Rajasthan. This plant is expected to result in savings of approx. rupees 45 Lakhs per annum for the company. This Solar plant will meet upto 80% of energy requirement of the company making Saboo Sodium Chloro Limited the first salt refinery in India to use Solar energy for their energy consumption.

The technology used for installing this 400 kWp in-house Grid-Tied Solar Power Plant includes string inverter technology with poly-crystalline silicone solar modules. Solar Modules is the most important component of a Solar Power Plant and we have used 1334 numbers of 300Wp solar modules here.

Our modules have been mounted on non-corrosive mounting structures. The frames and legs of the structure are made of hot-dip galvanized iron to maintain the longevity of the plant and to withstand high wind velocity generally experienced in this area of Rajasthan.

An inverter being the second most important component allows synchronisation of power to the grid. String inverters operate on MPPT to ensure maximum power from solar modules at different ambient conditions. We have used ABB solar string inverters to convert DC power to AC.

The plant is expected to yield electricity for 25 years and will generate around 1300 to 1500 units per day and 4.5 to 5 lakh units per annum in the first year of operation depending on weather conditions.

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