Automobile Dealerships Go Solar

Automobile Dealerships going Solar

Keeping energy costs in control is a major challenge for several business owners. Automobile dealerships find it extremely challenging, being housed in large buildings with extensive spaces the auto dealerships incur high air conditioning and heating costs. Lighting of their large spaces – indoors and outdoors also take a troll on their overheads.

Solar Carports or Solar Rooftops
Now many automobile dealerships have come to believe that solar is a must for their enterprise. Photo voltaic PV systems can help them save money. These largely family owned enterprises are saving money on electricity by installing solar carports and/or solar rooftop systems to help achieve energy independence.

One of the leading car dealerships Rajesh Motors decided to partner with SolarMaxx to slash its electricity bills by installing high-efficiency SolarMaxx solar panels at several of their dealerships across Rajasthan. Utilizing the unutilised rooftop space was a smart decision. Using the accelerated depreciation benefits, the company saved more than 30% of the total costs by saving taxes. Net metering also ensured any excess power generated is sold back to the DISCOM so there is no wastage of power. Moreover, the solar power system is expected to save Rajesh Motors more than Lakhs each year. This will eventually add up to a substantial savings over the life of the system, payback of which is less than 5 years.

“We have used SolarMaxx solar system and found it efficient, they give very satisfactory after sales service.” says Mr. K H Shah, Chairman of Rajesh Motors.

Corporate Goodwill
Most businesses in general go solar for financial reasons, according to reports. But going solar comes with another big benefit, as customers have a positive view of solar, and solar panels on the roof are seen as an expression of corporate goodwill.

From upgrading to the use of LED bulbs to use of motion sensors and dimmers in lighting up spaces the car dealership have gone a long way and are considering being environment friendly in every possible way and Solar Power comes as a boon to them with additional savings.

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