SolarMaxx at one of India's prestigious Institutions

SolarMaxx at one of India’s prestigious Institutions at Ajmer

SolarMaxx Solar PV Panels at one of India’s prestigious institutions at Ajmer, Rajasthan

SolarMaxx 300W Poly-crystalline Solar PV Panels were installed in 2015 at one of country’s premier Schools in Ajmer. After 2 years, system is yielding more than 4 units per KW per day on an average grossing a total of approx. 1500 units per annum per KW. Needless to say, the EPC contractor has done a tremendous job in maintaining the system that required meticulous planning and execution.

SolarMaxx Solar Panels have come a long way since 2015. Produced in a contained atmosphere on an automated line, SolarMaxx Solar Panels are now equipped with 5 Busbar, PID resistant, high efficiency Solar Cells accompanied with Low Iron ARC coated tempered glass. Raw material consumed in production of SolarMaxx Solar Panels is both IEC and UL certified. Needless to say, SolarMaxx Solar Panels are also IEC and TUV tested and certified by one of world’s leading certifications centres and labs.

This roof top on grid solar power system at the college has set an example for many such instituions by and students. With negligible operation and maintenace costs the overall operating costs of the instituion have gone down with a reduction in its monthly electricity bills. The ample of free roof top space has been well utilitzed by installing solar panels. With net metering – the installation of a bi-direction meter from the utility, allows the institution to export excess electricity generated on Sundays and during holiday times to the grid in return for credits. The main operation of most schools and colleges is during the daytime and there are limited activities beyond sunset. This demonstrates how school buildings that are mainly operational during daytime can adopt rooftop solar systems to not only meet their own electricity needs but also assist in bridging the shortfall in the grid supply. Thus the solar power plant is at work even when everyone else is on vacation at a educational institution.

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