What World would it be

What World would it be

What World would it be? – from the eyes of our future generation

In the coming days we are going to share with you excerpts from the writing of our recently held online creative writing contest on the topic ‘Climate Change and the World I want to Live in’. Here is what our little change makers dream for their world to be like.

“During the lockdown, I am spending time with my family doing fun things…the world is so quiet now! I want to grow up in a beautiful world where we can walk or cycle to school or office so there is no pollution. We can then see blue skies and breathe fresh air. I love trees and flowers and it would be lovely to plant lots of them. It will be fun to play in the garden with birds around… I wish to live in such a happy, joyful and smiling world!” These are the thoughts of Vidita Daga a student of JPIS from Jaipur.

Arishka Kejriwal, a 7 year old also from JPIS Jaipur says “My idea is to start making my neighbourhood green and lined with trees on both sides of the streets. I will form a group of friends and we will plant tree saplings on both sides of the streets in Rathore Nagar (Vaishali Nagar), Jaipur. Through my school, JPIS, I can form groups for tree-plantation and maintenance for different areas of Jaipur. We can request the societies to water the plants regularly. This will fulfill my dream of having tree-lined streets across Jaipur. “ She says “To reduce air pollution, we kids will form cycling clubs in these same areas. Twice weekly, we can go cycling to keep an eye on the trees. We can also go for our nearby classes in cycles instead of cars. Also, we can use cycles for exercise to get fit and healthy.” It’s beautiful how the little ones are trying to relate their thoughts to action in their writeups.

Reya Narnoli from MSMSV Jaipur is asking everyone do you love mother earth like I do. “I live in my Mother Earth. My earth is very beautiful, it has lots of plants and trees. We have to clean the earth, throw the garbage in the dustbins, do not waste food by throwing it, give it to poor people. Say no to plastic bags.” She says, I love this song of Mother Earth, can I tell you? “Mother Earth, Mother Earth, it’s a great place to be… Look after our earth with care. Care for all the things on it, plants and animals. We have to all live together and work together. I love my Mother Earth so much! Do you love it too?” We hope reading these inspires everyone to take positive action towards reducing global warming.

Anirudh Laddha a 10year old from Sangam School of Excellence, Bhilwara has portrayed his thoughts in form of a poem:
“World from my eyes”
What world would it be,
If decided by me,
Let’s see,
Each country pollution free,
No hole in the ozone layer,
Whole world with green plants and trees,
Glowing stars and fresh air,
No differences in he and she ,
People showing respect and care.
What world would it be,
If decided by me ,
Let’s see,
A world without global warming,
Pure water to come when it rains,
The view of Mother Earth as attractive as Prince Charming,
Pollution decreased when electricity runs through the trains,
People would be paid equal, business or farming,
No killing animals as you don’t feel their pain.
What world would it be,
If decided by me,
Let’s see,
Rival countries brothers and sisters,
Sun’s rays and clear blue sky,
No robberies and no murders,
No frauds and no lies ,
All are equal Mrs. or Mr.,
No-one is low, all are high.
This is the world that would be,
If decided by me.

Toya Ritu Swaytank from Neerja Modi School Jaipur has lots to say on climate change and what can be done. Carrying apt knowledge on climate change for her age, she says in her essay, “Climate change has been the talk for many through the years and it is also known as ‘Global Warming’. It is a controversial topic with many debates held, and while the best scientific information points to a clear future threat to humanity, however, some people refuse to believe it. Global warming is mainly a rise in temperature or change in weather, which can also be told as interfering in nature’s course. This is currently happening everywhere e.g. live in Jaipur, Rajasthan which receives hardly any rainfall and by Mid – March we should have had summers as we live near a desert. Now, it’s the end of March but there’s no summer and only cold winds and rainfall. When summer arrives, it will be extremely hot. Climate change is perhaps the worst disaster ever occurred. It is affecting our dear Earth, as well as our lives. In Antarctica, the glaciers, ice caps are on the verge of melting and when they do, a huge and disastrous flood will occur. We all need to change our mentality on climate change. People tend to ignore the current happenings around them so we need to raise awareness around us. Greta Thunberg is a huge inspiration for everyone as she is the hero. She travelled everywhere; left school; led so many protests. It’s time for us also to take action….” She says “This message should be inked in everyone’s brains: Don’t let Climate change take over your lives. We can’t let it win.”
“Be the change wish to see In the world” – Mahatma Gandhi, reiterating Gandhi ji she says
Mahatma Gandhi spoke these inspiring words, and we need to follow those. We need to be an inspiration for others to solve this crisis and it won’t happen just by sitting around. Due to climate change, many animal and plant species are extinct. We, humans, were given one job to take care of Earth and maintain peace but we couldn’t even complete that. This is not the world I want to live in nor the future generation would want to live in this world. We need all the help we can get to save Earth as it’s not too late.” She has made a list of measures we all can take to reduce climate change:
“Speak up!
Power your home with renewable energy
Invest in energy-efficient appliances
Reduce water waste
Actually eat the food you buy
Switch off lights when not in use
Cycle or walk for short distances than using a car
A un-polluted, perfect and clean world is the world I would want to live in. I wish it to be a richer, happier and healthier land to live in. I want it to be a veritable heaven If every human is contributing, then we will have the assurance of our future. Please, do it for your loved ones because they deserve a better planet. I hope my message has reached till you and you won’t just ignore it.”
“I was impressed by the level of awareness on Climate Change and its far reaching consequences among children. Seeing their articles it is evident that they are fully conscious of its adverse effects and will act as responsible citizens.” says Mrs. Kanak Khanna, Acamedician and Jury Member.
Saisha Jain from Calcutta International School, Kolkata has shared a set of solutions she feels can help reduce global warming in her composition. She says “ there is a huge problem of global warming today. Global warming is the mainly human-caused rise of the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. Deforestation and use of fossil fuels are the most significant causes of global warming.
Deforestation has been done in the past through permanent land use change for agricultural products such as beef and palm oil , forestry/forest products, short term agricultural farming. Today governments all over the world have taken measures to protect the forests. However, wildfires are still causing areas of forest to deplete. Fossil fuel is a fuel oil or natural gas, formed from the remains of dead plants and animals. … The burning of fossil fuels by humans is the largest source of emissions of carbon dioxide, which is one of the greenhouse gases that allows radioactive forcing and contributes to global warming.
What can we do about it? To help stop global warming we can :
Change a light: Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 15 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
Drive less: Walk , bike or carpool more often. You’ll save 1 pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don’t drive.
Recycle more: You can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste.
Use less hot water: It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by taking cooler or warmer showers and washing your clothes in cold or warm instead of hot water ( more than 500 pounds of carbon dioxide saved per year).
Plant a tree: One tree will absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.
There are many more ways for reducing global warming like turning off electronic devices when not in use(saves thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide per year) etc. In conclusion we will live in an healthy environment which can reduce carbon dioxide and avoid global warming.”

While many more little children contributed there ideas here we have shared the most remarked entries by our Jury members and original stories, feelings of little ones. Children today are much aware and ready to take measures to create a better tomorrow.

Stay tuned in to our blog as we bring to you the articles from other age groups where the older students are going to talk about some more serious matters and solutions that can be addressed by the society at large. Till then take out some time at your home during the COVID lockdown and think with your family how can you switch to a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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