Earth Day: Time is a Gift!

Earth Day: Time is a Gift!

Earth Day: Time is a gift

April 22, 2020, Its Earth Day! How can we make today and every day from now on earth friendly? Amidst the Covid pandemic when most of us are home let us take all the measures to turn our lifestyles environment friendly.

Time is a gift
Now that we are stuck at home, consider this as a gift from mother earth to us. Lets get creative in our day to day lives and think of innovative ways to reduce waste, reuse and recycle. Try composting from your kitchen waste as a simple starting step.

Plan your switch to a green source of power
Its time to think about saving the precious fossil fuels and looking at alternate energy options for your premise. Work on energy saving measures in your routine operations.

De-clutter and share
It’s always good to share with friends and those in need. Arrange your closets and gadgets wisely in the free time. Knowing what you already have can prevent you from making impulse or unnecessary purchases in the future, thus reducing your consumer footprint in the long-run.

While the great outdoors are getting replenished during our lock-down. We should stay home and let the climate change for the better. Each of us have to do our bit for the better of our planet earth.

What are you doing today? Think and take a green step forward and share with your friends on social media now. #ActNow #MaxxNow

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