Solar Home Power System

Solar Home Power System

Get freedom from – rising electricity bills, excessive fuel consumption and environmental pollutions! SolarMaxx Solar Home Power systems save electricity and offer you the luxury of power even without power!


  1. Extremely long life Crystalline Solar Module
  2. White Lights contain Power LEDs with life up to 50,000 hrs
  3. Sealed and maintenance free battery
  4. Powder coated metal control box to house battery, controllers and circuit
  5. Fan with high RPM and efficient motor for high output with low power consumption
  6. Safe & easy to install
  7. Fit & Forget system
  8. Free from noise, smoke & pollution
  9. Portable and lightweight
  10. Hanging switch for convenient on/off function
  11. Wall/ceiling mountable for room light as well as options for table/reading lamp
  12. Fast AC grid charging
  13. LED light indicator stays on during charging
  14. High efficiency LED: 120 lm/W @ 120 degree angle
  15. Cool white LEDs give similar light as CFLs
  16. Overcharge and deep discharge protection on battery
  17. Normal electric holder for recharging through mains
  18. Bed Switch for switching ON/OFF
  19. Low idle current allows light to be kept in an unused state for weeks without going into deep discharge


  1. Solar panel with cable – 1 pc
  2. Control box inclusive of battery controller & circuit – 1 pc
  3. LED Light with cable – 2 pcs
  4. DC fan with cable – 1 pc
  5. Multiple pin mobile charger – 1 pc

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