Half Cut Cells

SolarMaxx DoubleDecker: Half Cut Cells

SolarMaxx DoubleDecker, get more than full with our half!
Introducing our latest half cut cell design solar panels in 335-350W Module Range.
With industry’s leading quality you get more out of every installation!

SolarMaxx offers a broad range of photovoltaic solar modules that feature high efficiency through quality material and workmanship. Our broad range of solar modules are amongst the best PV panels available to multiple customer segments including industrial, commercial, institutional, both on-grid and off-grid solar projects and residential users.


  1. Higher Efficiency
  2. Better Price Performance
  3. 100% PID FREE
  4. 5 Bus Bar Cells
  5. Split Junction Box for Higher Energy Yield
  6. Best use of available small spaces for higher yield
  7. Laser cut polysilicon cells reduce internal resistance
  8. Lower Heat Production Increases Module Longevity
  9. Increased Performance in Shade with 6 strings
  10. Better Output per Sq Mtr
  11. Lower LCOE
  12. 25 Year Power Warranty
  13. 10 Year Product Warranty

Half-cut cell design enables the solar modules to work even at lower temperatures, which improves energy generation per watt. The unique cell string structure helps in reducing the energy loss due to mismatch caused by shading on the panels. The design of half-cut cells is able enough to reduce power loss to 1/4 compared to full cells, this in turn results in a decrease of electrical resistance within the ribbon and improves the overall module efficiency by over 2% at large.

Make the perfect choice for your next solar project with SolarMaxx DoubleDecker Solar Panels. SolarMaxx is your turnkey Solar Energy Solutions provider with in house solar pv manufacturing.