Building the most efficient Solar Panels

Building the most efficient Solar Panels

Learn about technology, raw material and quality controls

Solar Panel manufacturers are constantly looking for methods to increase efficiency of their solar panels, because even a 0.1% increase in the overall efficiency matters. Being able to produce more electricity per square foot of solar panels makes the solar power system more cost effective as well as sustainable.

In general a standard solar panels efficiency ranges from 14 to 17%, our engineers at SolarMaxx make every effort to go higher with our current efficiency levels going upto atleast 18.5%, making them commercially viable. This efficiency is determined by the quality of raw material used in the manufacturing of the panels.
Some of the important factors that help a solar panel manufacturer produce a high efficiency solar panel are the material and design of the panel’s conductive metal foundation, the type of glass used on the front of the panel, and the interconnects between the cells.
Of course, there are several external factors such as Solar radiation in different parts of the country, roof pitch, and azimuth (horizon angle), temperature etc that affect a solar panel’s performance. There may be energy losses throughout the system related to the length and type of the cabling, voltage limits, and inverter efficiency that too affect a solar power system’s performance levels. Certain environment conditions also effect the working such as clouds, sun intensity during different seasons, and humidity levels.

Our quality control team at SolarMaxx ensure how quality controls are implemented before, during and after the manufacturing process to deliver the best quality solar panels to our users.
-The focus on quality begins at the very early stages of product development where each module is subjected to a stringent series of tests performed by a third party such as TUV, IEC, MNRE and so on.

-To ensure that finest quality raw materials are being used we source them from the best suppliers, even though sometimes there may be irregularities in the materials. In order to meet our product standards our quality control team randomly inspects samples from every single lot of materials that come to our factory premise.
-During production, modules are subjected to quality checks at every stage of the process. Cells are double checked, electric connections are inspected and finished modules receive automated and visual inspections before they are packed for dispatches.
-Once manufactured each module gets tested in our inhouse lab and if at all a module fails our inspection standards then it is removed and quarantined.

Automation in our production processes really makes it possible to produce high quality solar panels. We constantly strive to improve at each step of our production and ensure proper raw material sourcing to make the end customer happy.g you constant support and best quality products when it comes to Going Solar!

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