Climate Change: what can we do?

Climate Change: what can we do?

Climate Change: what can we do?

It is not in the hands of the governments alone to act on climate crisis. This politics needs a transformation – a mass movement and action from people to solve the climatic crisis is the only way out.

Reports say that several species of life are endangered and wetlands have been lost. Biodiversity is loosing it’s face and the eco-system is disturbed.

Who can save us?
Systems and commitments make it certain that the government bodies and businesses may not alone solve the issue. But we as individuals can create a mass movement and make it happen. More young activists like Greta Thunbern are required to come up and drive the change globally in this situation of climate emergency on the planet. Students, adults and the old have to all come together and make every possible small step in protecting the environment and acting sustainably.

Call for a major turnaround
We are now in a situation that calls for a major turnaround in our lifestyles and surroundings. To mitigate climate change, the number one goal has to be replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy solutions. Switching to rooftop solar power solutions, water harvesting, proper domestic waste management are some baby steps to begin with.

Limiting the use of fossil fuels
Increasing energy efficiency by using cleaner renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind, as individuals we can contribute in a big way.
Making the right decisions in our everyday life such as carpool, driving and flying less, using public transport options where available. Buying energy efficient and HFC free electrical appliances.

Solar Energy and Climate Change
By far Solar Power seems to be the best solution against conventional energy to fight the carbon emissions at all levels. A 1 MW solar power plant can cut down carbon emissions by about 1000 tonnes per annum, this is almost like planting a 5000 trees annually. Of course, trees have the added advantage of producing oxygen as well but the need for power gets solved with this clean form of energy.
A one time investment in solar yields benefits for over 2 decades and saves the depleting resources for the future generations.

The Sun is a source of light to fight against Global Warming
Solar as a technology is becoming extremely cost effective, under economies of scale, and is capable of reducing our dependency on expensive fuel and gas, thus, acting as a peacemaker for the end users.
It not only reduces the risk of health issues such as respiratory, cancers, cardiac but also reduced green house gas emissions because the conventional sources of power get saved and there are no harmful emissions from solar power.

Solar is inexhaustible
About 114 years for coal and over 50 years each for natural gas and oil reserves are left. But, a billion years of clean energy through the Sun are still there. Then why not make sensible decisions today to secure the planet for several generations ahead and not just a century.

Solar Panels are recyclable too!
One of the greatest advantage is that after living their life of over 25 years solar panels can be recycled and they will not create any environmental waste. Extracting aluminum, glass and some minerals like silicon, copper, and polymers etc leading to further refurbished PV panels later on.

Exercising your rights
As individuals we can choose to opt out of investments and avoid stocks of companies dealing is fossil fuels, banks that invest in high emission industries.
Encouraging environment friendly practices in each and every sphere of our life, saying no to plastics, reducing waste and going minimalistic is the call of the hour.
Making the right choices in our every day life decisions can take us all a long way in saving our planet.

As the World Environment day approaches we at SolarMaxx would like to urge all the readers of this post to share the message and spread a word around to encourage Green Living practices for a better tomorrow.

Do share your comments below on what you think about Solar Energy as one of the solutions to Climate Change.

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