Benefits of Solar Lights

Benefits of Solar Lights

SolarMaxx Solar lights not only light almost anywhere you want them, they also come with a built-in solar panel that is extremely durable and maintenance free. An ideal investment for new constructions, there are no hassles of wiring.
Our lights feature the revolutionary LED based lights that are extremely bright, long-life and can withstand almost all weather conditions. LED delivers a lot more lux per watt than a light bulb or a CFL when properly applied such as in the All In One SolarMaxx Solar Lights. LED’s are environment-friendly and leave no carbon emissions, thereby contributing to a greener future. All In One Solar street light is a new age and compact lighting solution integrating Solar panels, LED light, Lithium-ion battery and a PIR motion sensor together.

Benefits of Solar Lights

Reduces Maintenance
Use of a solar light rather than gensets or kerosene lamps reduces the time and expense of refueling and maintenance. Kerosene lamps and diesel generators must be filled several times per day. In rural areas, purchasing and transporting of kerosene or diesel fuel is often both difficult and expensive. Diesel generators require periodic maintenance and have a short lifespan. Car batteries, used to power TVs must often be transported miles for recharging. They require no fuel, and will last for several years with minimal servicing.

Extends the Working day in rural areas
On average it is dark by 6:30 year round. Solar Lighting allows rural families to extend their workday into the evening hours. Many villages where solar lights are installed see a increase in their economic activity levels. Installing Solar lights in villages allows businesses to operate during the evening. Solar lighting helps promote local enterprises as small shops and village markets can use the systems to provide lighting to operate during the evening.

Improves Health issues
Fumes from kerosene lamps in poorly ventilated houses are a serious health problem in much of the world where electric light is unavailable. The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathing kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from 2 packs of cigarettes a day. By the use of Solar Lighting these issues are resolved.

Stems Urban Migration
Improving the quality of life through solar lighting at the rural household and village level helps stem migration to mega-cities. Also, studies have shown a direct correlation between the availability of proper light and lower birth rates in some studies.

Improves Fire-Reduction
Kerosene lamps are a serious fire hazard in the developing world, killing and maiming tens of thousands of people each year. Kerosene, diesel fuel and gasoline stored for lamps and small generators are also a safety threat, whereas solar electric light comes as the safest measure for all.

Improves Literacy rate
Solar light improves literacy, because people can read after dark more easily than they can by candle or lamp light. School work improves and eye sight is safeguarded when children study by solar powered light. With the advent of television and radio, people previously cut off from electronic information, education, and entertainment can become part of the modern world without leaving home.

Saves Energy
Solar electricity for the Third World is clearly the most effective energy conservation program because it conserves costly conventional power for urban areas, town market centers, and industrial and commercial uses, leaving decentralized PV-generated power to provide the lighting and basic electrical needs of the majority of the developing world’s rural populations.

Reduces local air pollution
Use of solar appliances decreases the amount of local air pollution. With a decrease in the amount of kerosene used for lighting, there is a corresponding reduction in the amount of local pollution produced. Solar rural electrification also decreases the amount of electricity needed from small diesel generators.

Offsets greenhouse gases
Photovoltaic systems produce electric power with no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Carbon emission offset is calculated at approximately 6 tons of CO2 over the twenty-year life of one PV system.

Increases effectiveness of health programs
Use of a solar electric lighting appliances by rural health centers increases the quality of health care provided. Solar electric systems improve patient diagnoses through brighter task lighting. Even today, child birth happens at rural homes having no access to electricity, supplying a regulated amount of light through solar lanterns will improve and make child birth easier.

Outdoor lighting and security
Solar Led pole lights are a great means to secure the outdoors, pavements, boundary areas, parks, gardens, farms etc. Lighting up remote areas with solar street lights reduces the overall maintenance costs and there longevity insures proper long-term supply of light.

SolarMaxx Solar Lighting Solutions
We offer Solar outdoor Lighting solutions for gardens, factory premises, townships, roads, street lighting, pathways, area lighting, fence/boundary lighting etc. SolarMaxx Solar Lighting is ideal for the outdoors where you do not have continuous power supply or there is no power connection, voltage fluctuations are very frequent, the area is un-even, it is a rocky, mountainous region that prevents proper wiring installations, areas within national sanctuary/forest premises or in a similar green belt with restrictions on use of high voltage electricity and if it is any area you wish to light up using Eco friendly lighting solutions then switch to SolarMaxx Solar Lighting.
Solar Lighting comes with in-built dusk to dawn operation mode that enables these Solar Lights to light up at dark and switch off at daylight automatically. An initial investment that gets self financed over the period, these solar lights have a reasonable pay back period.
SolarMaxx Solar Lights are lit up using LED based lights that help reduce your maintenance costs as LED’s have a life of over 50000 hours, making sure you do not spend on lamp replacements. These environment friendly lights also enable you to apply for carbon credits. They will also assist you to reduce pollution caused due to heat generated by conventional light sources such as bulbs, tubes and fluoroscents, thereby conserving the environment around you.
The All In One SolarMaxx Solar Lights are compact and prevent theft issues too because everything is secured in one piece unlike having a separate battery box connected to a panel and then a separate light. Solar LED Lights are also the best options for lighting up your farm houses and gardens as they come with an automatic dusk to dawn operation mode. The lamp will light up at dark and will turn off at daylight automatically. They are extremely suitable to light up houses in rural areas and places with little or no electricity supply. They come with Eco-friendly LED based lighting and require no additional maintenance costs or replacement costs.

Why think further, take the initiative to go green now!

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