Earth Day: Solar can save our planet

Earth Day: Solar can save our planet

Earth Day: Solar can save our planet

How much solar energy strikes the earth each day?
The sun provides more energy to the earth’s surface in one-and-a-half hours than the world consumes in a year. Compared with electricity from coal, solar over its lifetime uses less water, occupies or transforms less land and presents lower toxicity to humans. Solar is an incredibly affordable, reliable and versatile form of electricity.

Solar is a unique solution to climate change because it’s something that anyone can get involved with. Let us pledge to reduce carbon emissions and create a 100% renewable powered future for all. A future that is affordable, sustainable and provides communities at all economic levels with clean energy and energy independence.

The constantly changing climatic scenario with extreme weather conditions, the more carbon we pump in our atmosphere the more we increase the global warming and the results are only threatening our own existence. You can either watch this happen or do your part and act now.

Producing clean electricity for daily living, for industry, for transportation, and all the other applications is something that we can do now, and as more people make this choice we will see carbon emissions reduced. It will take several decades for the present carbon to reduce and get absorbed by our planet but if we don’t act now to change the excessive use of fossil fuels then we must be prepared to make our world uninhabitable.

The environmental awareness that’s created through Earth Day, celebrated every year on 22nd April since 1970, is important in helping the world move towards better ecological practices. So make solar on your top priority list and celebrate Earth Day with Solar Energy. Whether you are going solar for savings or environmental reasons, the result is the same – you are helping yourselves and the planet earth. Click here to get a free analysis done for your project with our team of experts at SolarMaxx.

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