How to lower your electricity bills

How to lower your electricity bills

How to keep your electricity bill down during summer months?

Summer is here and its that perfect time of the year to pay attention to your energy usage patterns and start cutting on your expenses.

In order to learn how to save, you need to identify where are you spending. Do a ‘self energy audit’. It’s simple and not as complicated as it may sound at this moment. It could also be a great summer project for your kids.

Start with a simple check list:
Air Conditioning
Water Coolers
Water Heating
Kitchen appliances

Now if you are using too much power in a particular area then identify those prime appliances for an upgrade to the energy efficient ones. Plan your usage in a more energy efficient manner.

When it comes to space heating or cooling, its important to keep those air ducts free of dust and derbis. This really improves the effectivity of your air conditioner and manages air flow well. Have enough room for ventilation.

Did you know your old refrigerator may be using a lot of power. Look into getting rid of under-utilised machines, or replacing them with more modern and power-saving versions to increase your long term savings.

Get smart about lighting the spaces in a needful manner and relying on open windows as well. Try and replace your incandescent bulbs with LED’s everytime there is a requirement of a change. Timers, sensors, dimmers can also help reduce light when full brightness isin’t needed. Mirrors also work like a great form of reflectors to lower energy needs for lighting up common spaces at home and offices.

At last think of a long term solution and power your premised with solar. Solar panels provide an eco friendly way to meet all your electricity requirements. And you will not realise when your own power house starts to generate money for you in future. Solar panels can be placed on your terrace or backyard sheds, balcony spaces or ground mounted in some garden areas in homes and apartments. For offices solar with lack of a roof top space, balconies, parking lots and ground mounted installations work a great way. Even installing solar plants at a third location for captive consumption is a helpful solution to generate your own power for the future.

Saving on energy costs is important for long term expenditure planning for everyone. It requires being aware and being proactive when the time is right, and there’s no better occasion than now!

By studying your own energy usage patterns and making adjustments in air cooling, refrigeration, and lighting, and considering an effective, sustainable power option such as solar energy, you can lower those sky rocketing electricity bills and create a more profitable future for your self.

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