Solar for the Health Care sector

Solar for the Health Care sector

Solar in the Healthcare Sector

Solar power is a fundamental choice for healthcare sector — not only because solar energy helps reduce air pollution and makes the world a cleaner, healthier and better place. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, testing laboratories all use a large amount of electricity.

Running medical equipment such as scanners and running 24×7 air conditioning makes their utility bills touch the sky. For such reasons installing a solar energy system is a great way to reduce electricity bills and improve overall efficiencies. Most medical centres are also eligible for subsidies or tax benefits.

Once a solar PV panel system is installed, you will start saving money that would otherwise be spent on electric bills, while protecting your facility from utility price fluctuations. Depending on your location and how you choose to fund your solar project, you can lock in to low electricity rates for over 25 years or more and possibly eliminate your entire electric bill too. Your savings from solar in return can be used to make operational improvements, purchase new equipment or simply operate more efficiently. Hospitals that utilize renewable energy stand out from their peers for their commitment to community health and environmental stewardship. Choosing alternate energy can reduce a hospital’s carbon emissions and have a positive effect on environmental health. Solar power also helps you in achieving green building certifications and an enhanced reputation. More and more hospitals are going solar today than ever before because of the affordable costs and huge benefits.

We are extremely proud of our new project at Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur. Healthcare is an energy-intensive industry and hospitals have large spaces such as rooftop, parking lot canopies etc to install solar panels. And healthcare buildings are only growing and likely to meet the needs of an aging population with a growing average life expectancy. We have converted the boring car parking shade into a tech looking canopy called carport. Going solar the cool way, providing enormous benefits to the hospital and the environment.

While a typical carport or patio cover provides shading and is undoubtedly a value-add for a home or automobile owner, its one-dimensional simplicity is a missed opportunity. If you’re a PV fanatic following emerging technologies in the solar industry, you may have already spotted the solar industry’s solution: solar canopies, also known as solar carports .

Solar carports are overhead canopies built to cover parking areas, and are distinct from panels installed onto a preexisting carport structure. Solar carports have many things in common with ground mount solar panels, which are angled panel modules installed on the ground rather than on a rooftop.

With the 120KW Solar panel (Carport) installation the hospital is going to save upto 13 lacs annually on their electricity bills, which in turn gives them enormous amount of savings to progress and facilitate better qualities, contribute better than ever in the health care sector.

At SolarMaxx, we make solar panels that are designed, built, and proven to perform. But most top-tier, large-scale solar panel manufacturers – including us – operate on very similar production lines. So, what makes one company’s panel better or worse than all the rest?

It’s all about the raw material used. And the quality of panels with their structural integrity and rigidity. Our frames go through a comprehensive qualification process known as “static and dynamic mechanical load testing” where we bend our modules in every direction. We ensure to protect the panel from environmental elements and maintain structural integrity in adverse conditions.

Coming to the right inverter our ABB solar inverters provide the best support system. Theses inverters have a life of 25 years. The ABB solar inverter utilizes over 40 years of experience and advances in inverter and power converter technology. Their one-stop-shop, sun-to-socket portfolio gives you the widest choice in the industry. And it’s backed by a comprehensive package of communication, monitoring and control solutions and comprehensive services. The commitment to economic efficiency gives you and your customers better value. It also produces higher power output and optimized level costs of Electricity and plant productivity.

Having a proper solar power output from your system requires efficient equipment and a number of other factors to support your systems effectiveness. Too much shade, dirt, damaged parts etc can cause a system to generate less electricity than it is capable of. Therefore, it is important to carefully watch your solar panel production closely so that you can identify issues as and when your system is not performing as its best.

A Remote Solar Monitoring System is capable of analysing energy consumption and generation, optimising energy usage, various performance parameters, supervise the functioning and progress of the components of a solar power plant. Apart from showing energy consumption and generation data, monitoring systems also offer many tools to help you understand your solar setup. Remote monitoring softwares can also help detect problems and defects with panel strings, and recommend repairs to your setup.

Our solar panel manufacturing process is defined by world-class technology and professional workmanship. We utilize the highest-quality materials to ensure that our solar panels will generate value for decades to come. Going solar can reduce your company’s energy costs, and have a major impact on your bottom line. We manufacture high-quality, reliable solar panels for homes, large commercial buildings and power plants. SolarMaxx solar panels are sealed, weatherproof and highly durable. Our PV modules come with the ability to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiations & moisture.

Our manufacturing unit at Jaipur is capable of producing both mono and poly crystalline modules from 40Wp to 325Wp and above.

SolarMaxx Solar PV panels offer enhanced performance and produce more than 80% of rated power under STC even after 25 years of operation. Our PV modules deliver efficient performance in high temperature conditions in the desert due to the improved temperature coefficient. They are compact in size and have been designed to deliver enhanced output and efficiency. Highly durable with its new reinforced frame design, SolarMaxx Solar PV modules can endure a front load of up to 5400 Pa, and a rear load of up to 2400 Pa. Our automated quality manufacturing makes them resistant to sand dust too. SolarMaxx as a company provides you quality solar solutions right from the product to do the services and hence, Always insist on SolarMaxx solar panels and benefit with the perks that come along. Why wait, if you know of a medical center in your locality that needs to go green, just let us know here.

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