How Solar can make your farm efficient

How Solar can make your farm efficient

How Solar can make your farm efficient

Going solar in a intelligent investment for a farm to increase the productivity and lower the energy costs – be it a dairy, garden, horticulture, vineyard or an orchard.

Not only is the power clean, it goes well with everyday tasks like irrigation, water pumping, lighting dairy sheds or refrigeration needs and helps a farmer in becoming self sufficient and being able enough in future to reinvest the savings into more meaningful farming tasks.

Whether you are farming fruits or vegetables, proper irrigation to keep the farm moist even during the summer months can be a major cost center considering the ever growing electricity prices. Turning to solar can be a huge upfront investment but it pays well in the longer run once you start generating your own power and make savings in your monthly bills. No matter you use sprinklers or drip irrigation methods, or large centre-pivot systems, a solar array of the right size can help ensure your crops are reliably watered because a solar-powered water pumping system can be easily matched to your present irrigation system.

Solar also proves to be a great investment for green house farming. With solar you can even power the electric fences, charge batteries, heat water and even use it for your own house at your farm – these savings will only lower your farms monthly energy costs. The state government or the horticulture department also from time to time offers special subsidies and schemes for farmers to support their investment in solar and make power supply smooth for them.

It is a very simple process to turn your farm solar, our experts from SolarMaxx come and assess your electricity usage to understand your farms monthly consumption of energy and in a few simple steps your farm is turned into a more greener and sustainable farm.

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