SolarMaxx empanelled for IOCL subsidy scheme

SolarMaxx empanelled for IOCL subsidy scheme

SolarMaxx empanelled for IOCL subsidy scheme

SolarMaxx is proud to announce that we are Rajasthan’s only manufacturer empanelled to undertake projects under subsidy scheme of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd for their Petrol Pumps and Retail Outlets.

We as a Solar PV manufacturer are looking for dealers, distributors, EPC service providers, etc to collaborate with us to avail the benefits of subsidies for their clients at various petrol pumps and retail outlets.

Petrol pump owners have immensely benefited by adopting solar energy. There are many reasons why the owners of petrol pumps should go Solar to power their dispensing stations. It not only helps save on monthly electricity bills but also reduction in operational costs of diesel generators is seen. Accelerated depreciation benefit on Solar helps to reduce tax liability.

For petrol pumps where a canopy or shed is missing, a ground mounted solar PV installation is also possible. This is true for most pumps located in rural areas across India. And for the rest that have a canopy or office space the rooftop option is viable.

Here is a little insight into the electricity consumption of an average petrol pump that requires more than 5KW of electricity every day for its day to day fuel dispensing operations and yearly this amount approach total capacity of over 1,500 KW. Mostly petrol pumps in India at present derive power from Diesel Generator (DG) in case of a power cut. The operation cost for running the pumps is very high. With SolarMaxx, you can reduce you dependence on expensive diesel and expensive electricity from the grid.

IOCL offers subsidies on installation of solar PV making the initial investment of installing Solar goes down. Investment in solar helps in saving taxes too as one can enjoy the benefit of accelerated depreciation. Since most petrol pumps offer only day time operations, grid-tie solar systems become easy options for these pumps. The grid tie systems offer 98% efficiency in deriving solar power and eliminate the use of batteries completely thereby saving space and costs too. Also use of solar energy is a clean form energy offering reduction in pollution.

Petrol pumps can improve resource efficiency in operations at all levels and generate their own power at the gas stations using Solar!

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