Natural Stone Industry and Solar

Natural Stone Industry and Solar

The natural stone industry and solar

Most marble and stone manufacturers have a shed at their units and they can save energy and reduce their electricity bills by installing solar rooftop photo-voltaic power plants.

A good investment
The solar energy system will power the stone cutting and processing unit and the return payback on investment is possible within three to five years. Moreover, the returns generated with power savings over the next 20 years of the life of the solar power system will be far better than anything one can gain from other investments.

Smart Choice
Businesses also get to benefit from accelerated depreciation benefits. Having a solar PV module system at the factory shed also helps reduce the overall environmental impact, making it an economically and environmentally smart decision.

Reduced load on DISCOMS
The natural stone industry faces energy crisis because most are located in non urban areas, making it a requisite for them to have smooth access to power in order to function without any stoppage. If more and more units in the same area adopt rooftop Solar India, it will result in a reasonably reduced load on the DISCOM in areas leading to less frequent power cuts during the day, which is the peak load period. Rising energy bills also prove to be a point of concern for the marble and granite processing units. Stone cutting and processing units have always been a high electricity consuming sector, the companies are increasingly adopting Solar to use clean energy and alternate energy sources in order to reduce dependence on “bought” power.

Our team is coming across more and more companies and organisations that are looking to make green energy strategy an important part of their business at places like Kishangarh in Rajasthan. “We have been installing systems since 2016 at various stone cutting and processing units amongst our clientele. In our line of work, we need reliability. SolarMaxx has continually provided us with professional service and great products” says Mr. B.Ram CEO of Satyam Solar, a solar company dealing in SolarMaxx solar modules.

This sector is mostly associated with air and water pollution, a small step to switch to alternate energy is definitely going to make a big difference to the environment. If your business also requires access to clean energy then simply drop a message here or write to us.

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