Brighter prospects for future

Brighter prospects for future

Solar Technology: Brighter prospects for future

Our latest post is dedicated to share the advances in solar in the recent period. As we all know solar power is constantly developing with greater innovations and advances in the solar pv technology. The efficiency of solar panels has increased manifold over the years.

PV and CSP
Solar photovoltaics are the most commonly known form of solar technology. Another way to use the energy of the sun is through concentrated solar power where the CSP utilizes the sun’s heat to generate thermal energy.

Some of the upcoming solar technologies globally could bring in a great future once they have been fully designed.

Solar skin design
Leaving apart the benefits of solar panels some homeowners even today find solar panels an add on for the homes. An MIT startup has designed a solar skin to match the appearance of a roof without interfering with the efficiency of a solar panel.

Solar powered roads
When sidewalks get solar powered and generate clean energy along with lighting up of roads at night, the amount of power that can be generated through highways, parking lots, pathways etc can generate a huge amount of power for the world.

Solar Paint
A surface paint capable of converting solar energy into electricity. Still in the stage of development to increase its efficiency levels to match those of solar panels. Using light sensitive material in the paint experts believe this product should hit the markets in the next 5-6 years.

Solar Windows
They might just turn out to be cost effective even if they don’t match up the same efficiency levels of a solar panel as the installation costs go down when using this special glass.

Solar Cars
If engineers are able to succeed in developing fully solar powered cars then a lot of fossil fuel can be saved. This would mean zero emissions.

Advances in PV efficiency
With ever increasing efficiency levels in the solar panel technology from manufacturers globally the cell types have also seen major improvements. From the introduction of mono percs to half cut cells the future will soon see commercially viable panels that can generate more than 20 percent efficiency levels.

Innovative Solar Products for Future
Innovations in the solar technology are constantly growing and it’s all good news for the end users to reduce fossil fuel consumption and generate more and more clean energy. Researches are working on solar thermal fuel, solar water purifiers, improvised solar tracking mounts, wearable solar, solar desalination processes, improvised solar storage technologies etc.
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