Half-Cut Solar cells design

Half-Cut Solar cells design

Half-cut Solar Cell design

In general the technological design of a standard c-Si photovoltaic module is quite similar from one manufacturer to the other, we certainly have an edge over our competition, our range of half cut solar cells that make the SolarMaxx Solar PV modules stand apart with higher efficiency.

Our solar cells are cut in half at our manufacturing facility to reduce the cell-to-module losses during assembly. During production it involves an additional step of cutting the solar cells with a laser and making them in two. Power loss is generally proportional to the square of the current times resistance. Less resistance between the cells increases the power output of a module. Therefore when cutting a solar cell in half, the power losses are reduced by a factor of four.

With a higher power output on a module that costs relatively similar, it speeds up the ROI. This makes the cells a great idea for end users who want a quicker turn around on their investment. Half-cell design also improves the efficiency of a standard cell, thereby increasing module output by 5-10 W without adding much to the cost. This means our customers can enjoy cost effective solutions without compromising on power output.

Saurabh Bhandari, CEO of SolarMaxx said that combining the technical maturity and feasibility of half cut design and increased power generation performance, lowered marginal cost, and increased shade tolerance markets, the half cut module is expected to experience the strongest growth and achieve mainstream adoption over the next five years for the Solar industry. We at SolarMaxx are proud to bring in the latest global technological advancements to our customers in India.

Half-cut module technology is very suitable for commercial as well as residential projects. It has a good efficiency and power output. India’s residential market is still at a nascent stage and has a huge potential too. Hence the half-cut modules are ideal as they consume less space, absorb more radiation and give a better output.

Half-cut modules have a slightly higher manufacturing cost and that will eventually reflect on the final pricing of the modules. However, the additional cost is justified. These modules guarantee higher yield and generation on ground. So the extra premium paid is equivalent to the corresponding value delivered to a customer.

After conducting a series of tests of half-cut and PERC solar cells in a large-area on PV module in a controlled environment, the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin broke the previous record for module efficiency and peak power output, as reported by PV-Tech. While they’re not the only organization performing ground-breaking work on half-cut cells, the record, which was independently confirmed by TUV Rheinland, demonstrates the viability of using these modules to bring PV development to its most advanced and lowest cost yet.

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  1. how many half cut modules will be needed to create a 5 kwh system . also whats the size of these half cut modules and their shape ?

    1. Dear Sir
      We recommend use of 15 nos. of 335W half cut modules for a 5KW Solar Power System. The approximate size of this solar panel is 2 mtrs X 1 mtr.
      Team SolarMaxx

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